Yakiniku Koinobori Chuo-cho Hills ENGLISH

Yakiniku Koinobori Chuo-cho Hills

忘年会コースWe provide the soy sauce sauce which worked of the soup stock and six other kinds of sauce to suit your preferences
We provide A4-grade or A5-grade (the highest grade) Japanese beef.
Our restaurant is in the center of Okayama city and there are hotels nearby.
After a meal, you can find bars and Karaoke shops easily.
All rooms are Japanese style private rooms. We secure space where you can relax.
Please enjoy your meal without bothering neighbors’ noise.
We have an English menu. Please check our restaurant HP for details.
We have free Wi-Fi in every restaurant.
Electrical outlets are available. Please feel free to use them.


529◎Chuo-cho Hills
Address: Chuo-cho Hills 101, 6-22 Chuo-cho Kita-Ku Okayama
Bussiness hours: 5pm-12midnight
(last orders 11:30pm)
Holiday :Monday

●First time customers

●About the check10
On the occasion of the check I perform it at table.

●About a credit card1ee2c4a5358733ced8d69d64d958f8301
The credit cards which are available in our store are as follows.
・Diners Club
・American Express

●About a consumption tax
A consumption tax is included in a sticker price.
A current consumption tax of Japan is 8%.

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●Course dishes

こいのぼりコース■Koinobori course
■15 dishes
■2900yen/ 1 person


プレミアムコース1■Premium course
■15 dishes
■6,500yen/ 1 person


きわみもり■Special marbled meat set
■3,300 Yen/1 person
A set of the 3 highest grade marbled meat


●A la carte menu
1543ko05■Assorted Kim Chee
■580 Yen

8b7791bada23cc5b86540f906efc3d4c■Egg soup
■310 Yen

DSC0255■Seaweed soup
■310 Yen
●Featured menu
Extra premium short ribs ■Extra premium short ribs
■1,480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Gensen Tokujou Karubi
Meat dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “extra premium short ribs.”

Kalbi (short ribs) ■Kalbi (short ribs)
■880 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Wagyuu Karubi
Meat dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “Kalbi.”
s_cm_01_015■Harami (skirt)
■880 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Wagyuu Harami
Meat dish made using a cut from the diaphragm called “Harami.”
s_cm_01_021■Premium grilled tongue seasoned with salt
■1280 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Atsugiri Shiotan
Meat dish made using the tongue called “premium tongue,” seasoned with salt and grilled.

s_cm_01_022■Tan shio (salted tongue)
■800 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Shiotan
Meat dish made using the tongue called “Tan,” seasoned with salt.

s_cm_01_001■Zabuton (chuck flap)
■1560 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Zabuton
Meat dish made using a cut from the shoulder called “Zabuton.”
●Salad・Rice menu
69b33ede2bd75fae457f82a6959ede69■Korean Style Choregi Salad with salted kelp
■480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Cyoregisarada

12015-09-09-15-31-15■Rare stake on rice
■1480 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Reasutehkidon
Grilled beef served over rice.

b783b2b16eea82a7faf1bdd9d014d7f6■Tamagokake gohan(rice with raw egg)
■380 Yen
(Japanese Accent) Tamagokake Gohan
A dish of white rice topped with raw egg, often seasoned with soy sauce.
(Japanese Accent) Gohan
Large Serving 250 Yen
Medium Serving 220 Yen
Small Serving 190 Yen